Kainate receptor in a desensitized state

Structure of the kainate receptor in the desensitized state. The receptor's four chains are each colored uniquely.

Molecular movie of a desensitized AMPA receptor

This animation was made by putting 2D classes of desensitized AMPA receptor images in a sequence. The frames (2D classes) in the movie are arranged such that the amino terminal domain dimers at the top of the receptor appear to become progressively more displaced from each other.

AMPA receptor activation

This movie begins with the AMPA receptor in a resting state, and morphs to show the receptor in an activated state. The morph reveals that when the four ligand binding domain clamshells bind an agonist, the receptor undergoes both a vertical contraction, and a rotation.

Molecular model of AMPA receptor activation

This morph shows what happens when the AMPA receptor activates. It features data from cryo-EM and X-ray crystallography.

HIV-1 Envelope glycoprotein

Cryo-EM density map of the HIV-1 Envelope spike (purple) and membrane (gray), shown with gp120 domains (red) that were docked into the cryo-EM structure.

HIV-1 Envelope glycoprotein bound domain antibody A12

The complex formed between the HIV-1 Envelope spike, and three copies of the A12 domain antibody. The spike with antibodies is shown in purple and the membrane in gray. Crystallographic structures for gp120 are shown in red, and for A12 in cyan.